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Timeca Marie Seretti is your quintessential renaissance woman. She hails from Gary, Indiana, a hot bed of talent. From the likes of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, Deniece Williams and Ernest Lee Thomas. She always had a robust love of music, but her dream was to be an actress. After a stint in the US Navy she knew that entertainment was her passion. 

Her 20+ years as an actor, writer and director have contributed to her unique understanding of performance, communication and improv; Her skilled perspective has led to a diverse portfolio and prominent voice in the realm of entertainment. 


As a three-time award-winning film maker, she has performed on film, tv and experiential projects for platforms such as SHO, ABC, NBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, AspireTV and HBO.


She has grown her acting abilities into a skillset that includes producing, writing, directing and filmmaking. She has headed up “Dames in Film”, a group of women advocating for women’s voices while addressing challenging topics such as the award-winning film “The Closet”, acknowledging domestic abuse. 


She is the lead singer of the indie Blues/Rock band ‘Blue Vibe', she is also a singer/songwriter and music producer. 


Timeca hopes to bring a perspective that inspires and provides insight for all women and especially those of color on how to conquer the entertainment business. 

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